In my free time I’m playing Basketball and Tennis in my hometown Waiblingen,

where I also love to meet my friends for a coffee date and a good talk.

I like to be in nature to inspire myself as well as my ongoing design projects.

Additionally I am active in children and youth work at the EJW Waiblingen

and SpoWo Waiblingen since I am 16 years old.

My family and friends would describe me as open, warm, curious and confident and always smiling.

My Experience


09/2017 - 07/2020

Kaufmännische Schule, Waiblingen

Profile of International Economy

10/2021 - today

Hochschule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Interaction Design

09/2018 - 10/2023

06/2018 - today

Holiday work at ARNO GmbH, Wolfschlugen

Production experience in the field of counter days

Social Engagement

08/2018 - today

09/2017 - today

07/2022 - today

Employee at the SpoWo - Sportsweek of the VfL Waiblingen

Production experience in the field of counter days

Evangelisches Jugendwerk Bezirk Waiblingen

Member of the leadership team of the conficamp and summer camp

Member of the honorary governing body

Head of the social media department

goStudent at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Support of the goScouts during the semester exhibition

Voluntary Social Year at Evangelisches Jugendwerk Waiblingen

Cooperation in the field of public relations

Design of publications/flyers

Assistance in training offers and district events

At the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd I am a goStudent, which supports the scouts at the regulary semester exhibition. If you want to see more, watch this video.

I will do my internship from September 2022
to March 2023. If you have any questions
about me or my projects, feel free to contact me.

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I’m an interaction design student at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

I like to use human-centered design to create digital products and services that are intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Curiosity is my driver, design my base, and learning my passion.