I will do my internship from September 2022
to March 2023. If you have any questions
about me or my projects, feel free to contact me.

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What is paper soap?

It is nothing more than a thin water-soluble paper coated with soap. It dissolves completely upon contact with water and the pre-portioned soap remains. The dissolved paper is environmentally friendly and does not does not pollute wastewater. The soap becomes more compact and lighter through transportation, easier to handle and saves soap in daily use. With blattseife we want to make these advantages usable in the public space.


sustainable soap solution in public space

This is a new innovative solution that turns the use of soap topsy-turvy. Instead of traditional liquid soap in a dispenser, we use paper soap to redefine the standard for soap in public spaces.

Already during the semester we saw potential in the product and therefore and therefore took part in the goWorkshops of the HfG to develop not only a to develop not only a product but a viable business idea. At the end of the semester, we applied for the HfG's internal goAward competition. In front of a jury consisting of Sparkasse, IHK, StartUp funding and professors, we won bronze with our pitch and a workspace in the in:it-Coworking Lab. Here we continue working on the project until today. We are working with mentors from the HfG, StartUp Förderung Schwäbisch Gmünd and contacts from our private networks to develop the soap dispenser into a market-ready product. With the constant goal of producing and selling the soap dispenser ourselves.


Produktgestaltung 2B


Annekathrin Merz

David Petri

Christian Prümmer


Prof. Andreas Hess

Innovation Design