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to March 2023. If you have any questions
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First level

This person has a steady conversation part, which consists of many words, which makes it seem that this person is leading the conversation.

Second level

This person spoke relatively little. Either consents or brief objections were involved. The middle data block represents a brief update from the assigned research area.

Third Level

This person's conversational rate is also very high. At the beginning she talks a lot, in the middle part she listens a lot to another dialog partner. Afterwards the person seems to give feedback.

We thought about ways of displaying how to make each person's share of the conversation easily visible in comparison to the rest. This was done through bar and column charts. From this came the first idea for a

3-dimensional representation in space, which we sketched extensively to have the best possible final result. Because the focus should of course be on the main message. From this idea our first prototype was born.


three-dimensional data visualization of a common conversation

Based on the quantified self data collection, we created a data set related to us, evaluated it and displayed it graphically and in space. In doing so, as much information as possible should be readable from the representation.

With the exhibit, we were able to adjust the projection at the end. By moving any layer, the display can be manipulated. For example, it is possible to slide out the conversation portion of a particular person to view the individual conversation portion on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is possible to see the conversation flow without a particular person. Since we had to work with some variables, we decided to write a Javascript in which we could calculate all the data variably and cut the wooden blocks to fit. This gives us an insight into where holes appeared in the conversation or where there was particularly little communication.

The goal was to make each person's parts of the conversation visible in the form of shadows.

There were two options to choose from:

Threading objects onto a string, which were placed inside a cardboard box or placing objects on a translucent panel, which were placed drawer-wise inside the box. The findings later became the basis of our final design.

This is the dialog with a length of 44 minutes. All glass plates, including the data blocks, lie on top of each other. The beamer placed above throws light on the exhibit and leaves clear shadows.


Dreidimensionale Gestaltung

im medialen Raum


Malte Fial

Elijah Langenegger

Lena van Maris


Prof. David Oswald

Application Design

Interface Design

Design Thinking