I will do my internship from September 2022
to March 2023. If you have any questions
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In the context of the design sprint, we decided on the topic of "cooking together". After consulting some friends we interviewed on the topic, we found it problematic that the organization is often slow and hinders spontaneous cooking. Furthermore, communication often gets stuck with one person, who has to make sure that all the details are clarified and all the necessary ingredients are procured.

Our goal:

Smooth preparation lays the foundation for an exuberant get-together.




– Design Sprint


cook together, quickly organized. a chatbot plans, you cook.

gnu is an application designed to support planning for a shared cooking experience, using a chatbot,

without interfering too much in the event.


Malte Fial

Lucia Hossainova

Philipp Roser


Prof. Marc Guntow

Maximilian Schulist

Kai Wanschura

Johanna Wellnitz

Application Design

Interface Design

Design Thinking


Our solution:

A chatbot called gnu, which clarifies missing details with all parties involved via messenger

and then presents the information clearly in an app.

In the prototype, you are guided through a short introduction and then directly start setting up gnu. First, you can determine what has already been agreed upon and which details are still missing. Then, you can decide which of the information should be queried and collected by gnu. A dashboard (the actual gnu screen) shows the progress of the queries and existing details. in addition, you can manually intervene in the chats with your friends directly in the app or send messages to all of them.